Papal Condemnations of Freemasonry

Pope Pius XI 1922

Pope Pius XI 1922


Pope Pius XI 1922

For the first time the word "Laicism" (which means irreligious teaching) is to be found in a Pontifical document; it is the fatal and sought for result of both the Masonic doctrine and its direct action. This fact allows me to add to the list of all the Sovereign Pontiffs who denounced and condemned Judeo-Masonry; the name of our present Pope, Pius XI, in his Encyclical "Maximam grasissimamque" of July 18, 1924, the Pope most clearly has lifted his voice against "Laicism" (irreligious teaching) in the following terms:

"Whatetier Pius X did condemn, We likewise condemn it. Every time that the word 'Laicite' (irreligious teaching) is used to convey a feeling or an intention contrary or foreign to God or religion, We condemn it. We fully reprove this 'Laicism' and We openly declare that it must be reproved."

In my own case, during the private audience which on November 16, 1923, he granted me, His Holiness, Pius XI, asked me to continue my fight against Freemasonry because, said he:

"Masonry is our mortal enemy."

Later, as I was recollecting the kind words addressed to me by Pope Benedict XV in the decree "Proestantes":

"With constancy and courage you have upheld the rights of the Catholic Church and have done so even at the peril of your life." and adding that so far I had not yet become the victim of Freemasons, His Holiness replied in a paternal manner:

"Did not Saint Augustine, who is the patron of your parish in Paris, speak of the martyrs of the pen? (The Parish of which Monseigneur Jouin was head for many years and until his death was called Saint Augustine.)

Such a denunciation of "Laicism" as well as the encouragement given me to continue the fight against Masonry confirm the Pontifical condemnations pronounced since Pope Clement XII; it also follows the inspired words of Pope Leo XIII:

"In the realm of spiritual salvation, there is no middle way: one either follows the road to perdition or else fights without limit to the very end."

Therefore, our conclusion is contained in just two words: unity of purpose and viewpoint and unity of action shown by the Sovereign Pontiffs in regard to Freemasonry. Fifteen years after the publication of the Constitutions of Anderson in 1723, there appeared the constitution "In Eminenti" of Pope Clement XII April 28, 1738. Is there in the history of the Church a heresy which met with such a swift condemnation? Another fact equally remarkable is that all the Popes based their ulterior condemnations on this Pontifical act of Clement XII showing clearly that there was but one Voice, but one cry of disapproval when it came to pronounce the anathema against Secret Societies and striking their members with the most rigorous censure which the Church can apply.

Even though incomplete, here follows a list of documents as proof of the above:

  • Clement XII: In Eminenti -- April 28, 1738
  • Benedict XIV: Providas -- March 16, 1751
  • Clement XIII: A. Quodie -- Sept. 14, 1758
  • Clement XIII: Ut Primum -- Sept. 3, 1759
  • Clement XIII: Christianae Reipublicae Salus -- Nov. 25, 1766
  • Pius VI: Inscrutabile -- Dec. 25, 1775
  • Pius VII: Ecclesiam a Jesu Christo -- Sept. 14, 1820
  • Leo XII: Quo Graviora -- March 13, 1826
  • Pius VII: Traditi -- May 21, 1829
  • Gregory XVI: Mirari Vos -- Aug. 15, 1832
  • Pius IX: Qui Pluribus -- Nov 9, 1846
  • Pius IX: Omnibus Quantisque -- April 20, 1849
  • Pius IX: Multiplices Inter -- Sept 25, 1865
  • Leo XIII: Humanum Genus -- April 20, 1884
  • Leo XIII: Letter to Italian Episcopate -- Dec. 8, 1892
  • Leo XIII: Letter to the Italian People -- Dec. 8, 1892
  • Pius X: Vehementer -- Feb 11, 1906
  • Pius X: Letter to France -- Jan 6, 1907

Add to this the condemnation of the Y.M.C.A. by the Holy Office, Nov. 5, 1920 and also the decree through which I was made a Prelate, signed by Pope Benedict XV, followed by the Letter of Cardinal Gasparri, praising my book: Guerre Maconnique (Masonic War). Then again remember the Encyclical of His Holiness Pius XI against irreligious teaching in schools and his encouragement to me to continue my anti-Judeo-Masonic fight, and you will thus have before you a chain whose links are inseparably united.

It is this unity of viewpoints which demonstrates that the Papacy has but one voice and is the judiciary power of those Societies which actually form the whole of Judeo-Masonry.

As to the unity of action of the Popes, it is also worthy of attention. Ever since 1738 all the Sovereign Pontiffs have denounced, stigmatized and condemned the great harlot of the 20th century, that "Well of Perdition," "Bottomless Abyss of Misery which was dug by those conspiring Societies in which the Heresies and Sects have, it may be said, vomited as in a privy, everything they held in their insides of Sacrilige and Blasphemy." (Leo XIII.)

Ever since 1738 all the Sovereign Pontiffs denounced, stigmatized and condemned the enemy of the State which, according to Pope Leo XIII, already during the past century, possessed a power almost equivalent to "Sovereignty" and which, today, calls itself the Super-State.

Ever since 1738 all the Sovereign Pontiffs denounced, stigmatized and condemned the enemy of the Church, the Counter-Church, whose proclaimed aim is to:

"Decatholicize the world"

It seeks to rebuild on the ashes of the Christian civilization the pagan barbarism, and to build on the ruins of the Papacy the world domination of Israel; furthermore, as a sign of its victory, it wants to erect over the overthrown throne of Jesus Christ the very throne of Satan.

Ever since 1738 all the Sovereign Pontiffs denounced, stigmatized and condemned what has hitherto become the world evolution of Judeo-Masonry which, now, on earth, admits that it has but one adversary, namely, the Catholic Church, whose agony it is now witnessing.

However, the Popes equally deplore the indifference of those Catholics who fail to see Their silent tears and fail to heed Their heart-rending appeals; they constitute a race of people indifferent and asleep, a string of Mute Hounds, afraid, of whom Pope Clement XIII, said:

"If We allow ourselves to be shaken by the audacity of evil-doers, then the Episcopal strength is come to an end; the sublime and divine authority of the Church no longer exists; it is then useless to look upon ourselves as Christians if we have sunk so low as to tremble before the threats of the snares of the evil-doers."

Being anxious to be neither indifferent nor asleep, nor again a Mute Hound in the Church Militant, but to be on the contrary, even though from afar, linked to the dogs of the Lord, the "Dominicani" of whom in the 13th century spoke Jeanne d'Aza, mother of Saint Dominique, at the time of the Church struggle against the Albigenses; in order also not to be counted among the cowards who flee from the battlefield and whom, when in 1870 the Germans invaded France Saint Bernadette said: "I fear only the bad Christians" for such reasons I founded the "Revue Internationale Des Societes Secretes." I, today also want to thank all the companions who in this struggle, both in work and in prayer have allied themselves with my humble but persevering efforts.

Yes! let us of the league of St. Michael remain united in prayer for the conversion of Masons and Jews. Let us be united in our efforts to respond to the concordant voice of the Sovereign Pontiffs, in order to destroy, inasmuch as lies in our possibilities, the Judeo-Masonic Sect. When will this be? In God's own hour which seems to be very close. What can be done against this world power? Everything!

In the strength of Him who bears on His shoulder the invincible sign of His power; we can accomplish everything in the power of Him who Christianized the world and which, in the end, Judeo-Masonry, can neither de-Christianize nor re-Paganize -- Yes! we can accomplish everything in the strength of Him whose Holy Sepulchre or the dome of Saint Peter in Rome cannot be darkened by the shadows cast by the Masonic Lodges -- the Kabbalistic mysteries of the Ghettos will not alter a single iota of the Gospel or of the Credo; the accumulation of gold in the hands of high finance will ever fail to buy the conscience of Christ's representative in the Vatican.

Vade Satana! Get thee behind me Satan with thy legions of rebellious angels, with thy early workers of iniquity the Judeo-Masons!

Christ is near! To-day He comes! Tomorrow He will be here!

Let us therefore say, according to the words of Saint Augustine: Dicamus In Fide, let us say in the full energy of our faith; Dicamus In Spe: let us say in the strength of our hope; Dicamus Flagfantissima Caritate: Let us say in the burning fervor of our charity:

If God is with us, who can prevail against us? (Si Deus Pro Nobis, Quis Contra Nos?)

God is with us in this fight, which is our fight, the fight of the Papacy against Judeo-Masonry.

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