Papal Condemnations of Freemasonry

Pope St. Pius X 1903-1914

Pope Pius X 1903-1914


Pope St. Pius X 1903-1914

Pope Pius X, successor of Pope Leo XIII, gave his greater attention to Sillonisme and to Modernism, but, nevertheless he did not forget the destructive work of Freemasonry. He requested the Polish people to abstain from joining any conspiracy schemed by the malevolent Sects.

Later he extended words of consolation to the faithful of France in the following words:

"And now it is to you, Catholics of France, that We speak; may Our words reach you as a testimony of the tender feeling of Our love for your country and as a consolation in the midst of the terrible calamities through which you must pass. You are well aware of the self-assigned aim of the impious sectarians who have subjugated you under their yoke. With cynic audacity they themselves proclaimed their aim which was 'Uproot Catholicism in France.'
They want to extirpate from your hearts, namely its last root, the Faith which covered your ancestors with glory; the Faith which brought prosperity and greatness to your Fatherland amidst all other nations; the Faith which will be your support in the hours of your tribulation, which maintains calm and peace in your homes and opens for you the way toward eternal happiness. It is this Faith which you yourselves feel has to be defended."

Lastly, Pius X loudly affirms that as he has lifted his voice:

"It is not the Church who first raised the standard, she did so only because war had been declared against her. For the last 25 years she has only had to bear the struggle. Such is the Truth. Declarations, a thousand times published and republished in the Press, in congresses, in Masonic conventions, in the very halls of Parliament, are proof in themselves that attacks against the Church have been led progressively and systematically. Such facts cannot be denied and against them mere words cannot prevail . . ." (From letter of Pope Pius X to France, January 6, 1907.)

Fundamentally just as did his predecessors, Pius X denounces the maneuvers of the Counter-Church, moreover in his Letter of condemnation of the SILLON, he deliberately designates the Masonic lodges in the following terms:

"We all but too well know the dens of darkness wherein those pernicious doctrines are elaborated . . . Clear minds should not be seduced by them." (From letter of Pius X to the French Episcopate August 25, 1910.)

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